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Sequin Face Covers

When going out in public a face covering of some variety is now recommended. So why not wear a gorgeous, fancy, hand beaded one? Proceeds will go towards making face coverings to donate to hospitals and medical clinics! 

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Halloween Accessories

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Winter Accessories

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Holiday Accessories

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Everyday Fun Accessories

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Custom Made Hand Knitted Products

Knitted fashions and accessories such as: hats, scarves, wraps, sweaters, 

summer tops, winter tops and more! All made to custom order!

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Custom Made Dresses

Custom designed and hand made dresses just for you for any occasion. 

Beautiful formal attire made to flatter, suit personal styles, and make others stare. 

All done with a touch of Tiny Designs.

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Tiny Designs Mouse Pad

This is a 9" by 7.5" mouse pad with business card printed on the front. One order includes one mouse pad.

Mouse Pad

Tiny Designs Spiral Notebook

This spiral notebook with lined paper and the Tiny Designs business card on the cover. This is a great way to keep track of your ideas, make lists, and even take notes at school! One order includes one notebook.

Tiny Designs Spiral Notebook

Tiny Designs Mug

This is a high quality porcelain mug that you can use hot or cold. One order includes one mug.

TD Mug

Tiny Designs Refrigerator Magnet

This is a business card magnet. One order includes 2 magnets.

TD Fridge Magnet

Tiny Designs Bumper Sticker

This is a 3" by 11" bumper sticker complete with the Tiny Designs logo. This is a great way to support Tiny Designs! One order includes one sticker.

TD Bumper Sticker

Tiny Designs Ball Cap

This is a canvas ball cap with an adjustable strap! One order includes one hat. 

Logo Ball Cap