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Hi! I'm Lauren! I am the owner, designer, and head model for Tiny Designs. I am a singer, dancer, actress, model, and award-winning fashion designer! My hobbies are: knitting and baton twirling. My favorite thing to wear is a ball gown and I LOVE pink!

Fun Fact: I am an assistant dance teacher at my dance studio!


Hi! My name is Nicole. I am a dancer and swimmer. My hobbies are playing games with my twin sister Madison and jumping on the trampoline. My favorite outfits are dresses, tank tops, and shorts. I like to read chapter books and I like the color purple. 

Fun Fact: I can put my right foot over my head and I can hit high notes when I sing a song!


Hi my name is Madison. I am a dancer and a swimmer. My hobbies are playing ping pong and wathching movies. My favorite outfits are shorts and T-shirts. I like to watch t.v. and take pictures. My favorite color is pink.

Fun Fact: When I wiggle both my feet my toes crack!


Hey! I'm Pear! I am a Tiny Designs model! I am a singer and dancer. My hobbies are playing piano and swimmimg. My favorite outfit is a loose long-sleeve top with short shorts and I absolutely love blue!

Fun Fact: I have double jointed fingers!