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Flower Hair Clips

This floral hair clip goes perfectly with any outfit! To make your look REALLY special, check out the matching rings! Comes in a variety of cute colors!
Flower Bouqet Hair Clip
Black Flower Hair Clip
Red Flower Hair Clip

Flower Rings

These fun, floral rings would be SO cute at a spring picnic! To complete your floral look, take a peek at our matching hair clips! These rings come in a variety of beautiful colors.
Pink Flower Ring
Blue Flower Ring
Purple Flower Ring
Black Flower Ring
Red Flower Ring

Butterfly Flower Hair Clip

This glittering hair clip will keep your style a-flutter-ing! Comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Don't forget to take a peek at the matching flower rings and matching butterfly rings!

Butterfly Ring

Fly high with these glittering butterflies! Get the matching hairclip to polish your look!

Watermelon Earrings

These sweet earrings are handmade, so not all products are identical. They come in pierced and clip-on. 
Watermelon Earrings Pierced
Watermelon Earrings Clip On

Tassel Earrings

These ticklish tassels can be worn on any occasion! They re the perfect tiny frill to complete your style. One order comes with one pair earrings. Earrings come in multiple colors and in clip-on and pierced!

White Tassle Earrings Pierced
Pink Tassle Earrings Pierced
Blue Tassle Earrings Pierced
White Tassle Earrings Clip On
Pink Tassle Earrings Clip On
Blue Tassle Earrings Clip On

Pom Pom Hair Tie

These pompoms are suuuper soft! they can go with any white ensemble, or pink outfit! They are made with guaranteed no tangle elastic cording! One order includes one pompom hair tie.

Pom Pom Hair Tie

Mermaid Shell Clip

This gorgeous sea-shell clip is made with real shells. Every clip is different. One order includes one hair clip with 2 shells and 1 pearl.
Shell Hair Clip

Mermaid Crown

This Mermaid Crown is made with real, found shells. Every crown is different. These crowns are made with flexible wire, so you can carefull form your crown to your head, and... perfect fit! One order includes one mermaid crown. Please handle with care.

Mermaid Crown

Mermaid Jewelry Boxes

These boxes are beautiful for decoration, and functional use. Each box is different. They are decorated with real, found shells. Please handle wih care.

Small Mermaid Box
Large Mermaid Box