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This was Tiny Designs' first full line to debut at a fashion show. It debuted at CFW Winter in January 2019, making it the first jersey knit formal wear line ever! We are proud of this line because of the hand stitched detail work including lace, sequins, jewels, and more.

Trendy Tricotee

Every Piece in this line was either hand knit or crochet. Tricotee is french for "knitted." Some of these garments were the first knitted and crochet garments ever made by Tiny Designs. Now, you can custom order any of these by going to Shop>knits 

Hope Halos

This line was created in honor of the Aubreigh's Army 328 Foundation, and to bring awareness to DIPG a devastating and fatal childhood brain cancer. Hope Halos was previewed at Emerald A'La Mode Armies and Angels fashion show which was a charity event to raise money for Aubreigh's Army. 

Custom & Individual Garments

These are some beautiful dresses made individually (not designed in accordance with a line of garments) and some custom dresses. You can purchase your own custom gown by clicking the button below!

Design Portfolio

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Tiny Designs Fabrics

These can be purchased on! Click the button below to see more Tiny Designs fabrics.

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