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How we got started...

I started designing clothing at age 3. I would sit in my playroom with my dog Tiny. I would sketch clothes and ask him things like: what ​​​color should this be? Or should these sleeves be poofy? Then around age 4 I wanted to start my own company that I called "Tiny Designs." I invited my best friends to be models. At that time I was only designing formal gowns for girls my age. But some time later I received a professional sketchbook and fashion design books for my birthday. A few years ago, we registered Tiny Designs as a corporation, and began planning our first fashion show. But it hasn't been all fun... Suddenly, in August, 2018, Tiny fell very ill with a deadly disease called "necrotizing pancreatitis" and died a few days later. Then, only 3 months later, Sebastian collapsed with an equally deadly condition called "kiwi gallbladder." And also died within a matter of days. We continue in honor of Sebastian and Tiny instead of with them. But that is just how we got started. Now we strive to make beautiful, fun, elaborate outfits that are fun to hang out with friends, and outfits that are ballroom ready! We will be having our first fashion show summer of 2019! My friends are the official Tiny Designs models, and will be debuting the garments on the runway! More info will be posted soon!!

Sparkle On!


                     Owner and head designer

Lauren Pinkston

Hi! I'm Lauren! I am the owner, designer, and head model for Tiny Designs. I am a singer, dancer, actress, model, and award-winning fashion designer! My hobbies are: knitting and baton twirling. My favorite thing to wear is a ball gown and I LOVE pink!